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Workforce Engagement:
How do you accelerate work and engage staff?

As a business grows, activity naturally increases exponentially. Configurely’s methods are focused on the scale.

Keeping track of the different types of work flowing and ensuring there are clear lines of communication and ownership can be tricky to manage.

In a typical business, there are often multiple departments working together to achieve an outcome. Many businesses purchase software thinking it will be a silver bullet to their efficiency.

Asmorphic works to understand and detangle your system’s processes, and automate interactions between each stage of an activity to achieve transparency, ownership, clarity and scale.

We configure your systems to work in harmony with your people and processes.

configurely, your path to workforce engagement optimisation

Foster Team work and Collaboration

A successful thriving business is the sum of its parts working together in harmony. Our mission is to assist our clients in realising their true operational potential by providing the glue between departments that encourages ownership, success and transparency.


Our first goal is to understand more about your business. What are your key offerings? What is the unique value proposition that you bring to market? We want to understand the strategies you presently have in place when approaching new and managing ongoing business. This forms the start of the design parameters that we build upon.

What approach do you use when approaching a new client? What is your sales technique? Who is involved within the business to provide a solid use case to potential clients?

When your clients adopt your product, what are the fundamental steps required to create an environment that fosters engagement?

When they are on board – how do you support them?

Each of these scenarios is a mutually exclusive workflow that needs to be managed within a business, generally using the same staff pool in different ways. Each team member contributes to the success of their business unit and they need to be acutely aware of where they fit into the overarching picture.

Now we understand the basics of the business and the processes in place, we work through each of them, understanding which departments are involved in the process lifecycle and what they need to perform their task.

We identify attributes such as:

  • Does the task have a status where it sits in a work queue?
  • Are there obvious triggers to instigate movement from one team to another?
  • Are there pieces of information that are mandatory when transitioning from one status to another to ensure sufficient handover?
  • What level of visibility is required by supervisors, department managers and the broader staff community is needed through access and reporting to understand resource use (or over/under use)?
  • Does the process rely on resources of certain capability levels within a department and work of this nature should be routed to them first?
  • Which system should be responsible for the task (or tasks) based on its progress through the lifecycle? (e.g. Sales activity may be in Salesforce, but handover may transition into something like Jira Service Management before being passed to Jira Software.).

Remember, a staff member that is able to own their area and know whether they have been successful will generally strive to do their best because there is clarity and transparency.

This is where often a lot of the magic happens. This is where Asmorphic translates the offering, processes and approach leveraging the systems available (and perhaps introducing some new ones along the way) that strengthen the ability to deliver. We produce documentation that reflects the findings to date for stakeholders throughout the business to review, modify and finalise.

If the ecosystem operates efficiently and team interactions are well managed not only can work accelerate and resources upskill and scale, but it ascertaining delivery timeframes becomes much more realistic.

Now all the processes have been reviewed and signed off, Asmorphic can begin implementation across all systems. This is performed in many stages with the aim to implement key interaction between platforms first, and then work on each process so that they can be tested iteratively as they are implemented.

For example:


  • Opportunities and Leads Configuration
  • Workflow into Cases
  • Submission to Jira once the task or project is ‘ready to work’


  • Creation of workflows based on issue type and board destination
  • Creation of new fields to support the additional information needed by each department.
  • Modification of ticket viewing to be optimal for its audience (using tabs for example).
  • Creation of transition screens to support these fields where they are required.
  • Automation rules to create off-shoot tickets to engage other departments such as QA, Training and Accounts (for billing) with criteria to control the ‘what’ and ‘when’.

Asmorphic and your team will regularly work with departments and ask for feedback or challenges with the implementation. No process will be perfect the first time. Consistent review and optimisation are part of the process. Be inclusive, ask your team.

We are here to guide, help and implement – but it isn’t all or none

One of the most important pieces of feedback we receive from clients is that we are always open and transparent with our approach to assisting others in transformation.

We understand that you may have your own resources dedicated to these systems who are more than capable in orchestrating change (or may just need a little guidance), and have a great team that can foster adoption by your business.

Once the more complex workflows have been demonstrated and implemented, we can be involved in as much or as little of the process as you would like.

Education and empowerment are the most valuable achievements in projects like this, as it allows you to continually refine and optimize based on changes over time.

You’ll be amazed at just how tight your ship can run

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