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Regulations and Responsibilities, not gone, but perhaps forgotten?

PCI DSS, Data Retention, IPND, GDPR, ISO All these acryonyms of responsibility. Which apply to me? Which am I _required_ to do? When a new regulation, especially those that come with a budget and compliance date, comes along, everyone springs to action. Governments/Entities create regulations and legislation to suit Clients analyze their exposure and cost of compliance New businesses emerge…

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Why do I want a solutions architect, anyway?

What is a solutions architect? Every good idea deserves the opportunity to become a great success. Moving from a concept to a commercially viable product can be a complex road to navigate to ensure it can handle growth and scale and fits in with your existing business and systems. One of the pitfalls many encounters is they will hire a…

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Striking the workforce automation balance

The communication conundrum Finding the sweet spot between humans and supporting applications can be a tricky problem to address. Too little communication and your client will feel abandoned – an abundance of automated communication (e.g. ‘we are working on it’) and your client won’t believe they are receiving the priority they deserve. You want to create a pleasant, enjoyable working…

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