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Asking questions and staying curious is a surefire way to save time and money. Use our IT Advisors

Today’s IT landscape is massive. There will always be areas where significant learning curves exist before you can make intelligent business decisions. Having an IT Advisor like Asmorphic with such a diverse internal pool of subject matter expertise and a solid network to back it up can provide insight without a huge investment and without sacrificing our most valuable asset, time.

Unlocking the Power of IT Consulting: Asmorphic’s Direct Approach

Rethinking the Role of an IT Consultant

We are very careful of the use of the words “IT Consultant”. Over the years, this term has become as common as “Ask me anything”.

Asmorphic chooses to take a more direct route with our approach to provide advice and guidance to our clients. Our background covers a lot of areas within the IT landscape and we like to be open about our experience and capabilities.

As technology changes and evolves, there are new and better ways of approaching opportunities and challenges. Those who rest on their laurels can often end up with large amounts of ‘Technical Debt’ which adds up over time and makes it difficult to implement change.

Driving Digital Transformation and Beyond

Some areas where we can help are:

  • Digital Transformation – the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, changing how you manage internally but also how you offer robust value to your clients.
    It is a movement that challenges the way you were doing things into more streamlined and efficient processes. You’ll find related information on this in Configurely.
  • IT Strategy and Infrastructure Roadmap – Performing risk analysis on the way your infrastructure is currently provided can quickly highlight opportunities to leverage new technology and solutions that can improve scale, resiliency and management.
    We can work with you to ensure there is adequate documentation on what is in place as of today and provide recommendations to you for the future. We have resources that are able to assist with the transformation and migration of these systems into the cloud such as AWS, Oracle, Azure and GCP.
    The more managed systems that are in place, the less time and effort your own people have to spend ensuring the basics are being managed and monitored.
  • Software Development and Product Management – Our team has been developing software and realising business opportunities from great ideas for decades.
    As IT Advisors, we’re particularly good at expanding upon your idea or concept into real-world marketable products and using the Constructor service, we can work through our delivery processes to perform feasibility analysis, development and delivery.

Navigating Regulatory Requirements with Confidence

Regulatory Requirements – As our experience extends from Telecommunications to Payment Providers to Utilities, we encounter strict regulations all the time.
We can assist you in understanding what regulations you may be bound by and help you transition to compliance. We are also able to engage third parties including legal to assist in understanding your obligations under these standards. Some of these regulations are:

    • PCI DSS (3.2.1) – and associated processes, audits, security analysis etc.
    • Data Privacy
    • Data Retention
    • IPND
    • GDPR

Unleashing the Power of Data Analytics

Data Analytics and data planning – Your data is your best ally, especially when you have an established customer base. Knowing how best to use your data to establish customer trends and patterns can give you a competitive advantage.
We can start this conversation with you, and you can use the Monocle service to provide a deep dive into your short and long-term strategies.

The Importance of an IT Advisor in an Ever-Evolving Technological Landscape

A lot has changed in 40 years. From mainframes that fit in a building that is now less powerful than the phone you hold in your hand, staying up to date is critical to success. Use an IT Advisor.