Welcome to Asmorphic.

Our mission is to help your teams boost productivity through workforce engagement improvements, product management, data analytics, digital strategy and a helping hand when you need it.

Asmorphic brings value to you through our different service types. From raw software architecture, design and development,/application design, system and network structure to running parts of your operation for you, to optimising your processes to work for your people through workforce engagement management (and not the other way around.).

We aim to complement your resource pool and from the ground up we foster a collaborative approach to working with our clients where they can be part of any process for any reason, be it time, cost, scale or subject matter expertise.

Depending on the type of service and engagement type, we offer time and materials, day rates, retainers, contract service and fixed project commercial arrangements to suit not only your budget but also the time you have to be part of the process. Read the service descriptions below to learn more.

workflow engagementWorkforce Engagement

If only everything was as simple as ‘ToDo’, ‘InProgress’ and ‘Done’.

  • Have your support, operational and sales platforms work together
  • Systems that support your people
  • Seamless workflows without human intervention
  • Notifications are sent the right way and when needed.
  • Enterprise resource visibility
  • Single pane of glass work areas to strengthen teams.

Meet Configurely. Ensuring your focus is on your people and their success.


third party integration3rd Party Integrations

Have a square peg you are trying to put into a round hole? Are you constantly trying to compete with people who are not your competition? You need to Integrate with Tentacle!

  • Tie into your VOIP, Mobile, Prepaid and Telephony carriers.
  • Provision internet services without leaving your own platform.
  • Take payment from any number of payment gateways.
  • Purchase and manage software licenses.
  • Integrate messaging solutions to notify your clients and market.
  • Perform credit checks securely and safely.
  • Carrier service management from your own platform.
  • Suspend Services for non-payment from one system.
  • Synchronise client information.
  • Send data to your accounting system.


data analyticsIT Advisors and Innovators

Need advice on your technical roadmap?

  • Perhaps your infrastructure needs to be upgraded, migrated or transformed to do the job better using the latest technology.
  • Heard of ‘Cloud’ and want to know more? Scout can find you a way.
  • Unsure how to manage your data to get the most value?
  • Need guidance on your information architecture?
  • Have a great concept and just want to have a sounding board?

Our consultants have a diverse knowledge base and decades of experience to help you with any problem.


consulting servicesProduct Development

Have a great software idea? Want to support a new product with automation in mind? Use Constructor.

Asmorphic is a full-service product management and delivery company that can, help, guide or own:

  • Enterprise and Solution Architecture
  • Business Analysis
  • Solution Design and Application Design
  • Functional Specifications
  • Agile Software Development (SDLC)
  • Documentation and Training


data analyticsData Analysis, Reports, Retention

How well do you use your own data? Is it a treasure trove of information ripe for the picking? Do you need a keen eye? Try a Monocle!

  • Be able to see trends with customised reporting
  • Stuck in spreadsheets? Need the right starting data?
  • Not sure how your data objects fit together?
  • Heard about ‘Data Retention’ and your legal responsibility?
  • Have you seen a data anomaly with financial implications?
  • Training is hard because there is no database documentation.

You want an answer to a question about your business to make an informed decision. A lot of the time the answer is in the data.

We simply love data.


bureau services Bureau Services for Billing Platforms

Time poor? Not confident you’re covering everything? You need a Guardian.

  • Our resources train to administer your OSS/BSS platform.
  • We aim to validate all your pricing is correct.
  • Exceptions can be part of our routine (quarantine management)
  • Does your system configuration match your product marketing?
  • Are all the appropriate notifications configured?
  • Do your clients receive professional invoices, screens and notifications?
  • Are all systems consistently following your brand guidelines?


workforce engagement

Our Goal

When information comes into your business it flows efficiently through all teams and those teams have processes to help them excel.

You can carry a vision through to realisation and software development and application design. To use integration to increase your offering and capability without reinventing the wheel.

You can focus on your core business, rather than having to constantly be in the trenches making sure all systems are working and are making money.

Provide you with a path moving forward for any technical need and relate that back to your business and its success.

Teach you the value of your data and how to use it to your advantage for selling more and providing exceptional support to clients.

clear reporting, transparency, product management